Jeffrey Pelletier is the son of the late Gerald and Lena Pelletier, born in Fort Kent, Maine.  Starting at the age of 10, Jeff earned spending money working in the garage washing pickup trucks, tractor trailers and sweeping floors.  As he grew older, his responsibilities to his family-owned and operated company grew.  He became responsible for refueling and servicing trucks having them ready for the early morning hours.  In the early 80’s, the wood demand was growing along with the Millinocket area papermills and so did Gerald Pelletier, Inc.  Wanting to be helpful at his father’s business, Jeff withdrew from school at the age of 16.  Though Jeff did not have a drivers license at the time, the Golden Road and logging roads were private.  When Jeff reached the age of 18, he was offically placed on payroll and began hauling double trailers of tree length logs and wood out of the Fifth St. John camp to the Golden Road landing.  There, his brothers would hook on and transport the loads to the Millinocket and Pinkham mills.  After 10 years of hauling doubles to the landing, he was allowed to haul direct to the mills himself. In 1996, Jeff was promoted to the parts manager and shop foreman at Gerald Pelletier, Inc., responsible for equipment and road maintenance at the Millinocket facility on the Golden Road.

Pelletier Manufacturing Emerges

Pelletier Manufacturing, Inc. opened its doors for business in the Spring of 2010 with Jeff Pelletier overseeing the day-to-day operations. After five years of successful operation and diversification, Jeff purchased the company from Gerald Pelletier, Inc. as its sole owner/operator.   Jeff envisioned and implemented creative design, modifications and the ability to assemble products in-house.

Looking to the Future

Jeff considers himself fortunate to witness Pelletier Manufacturing, Inc.’s continued growth and success. He is quick to credit much of the company’s success to his loyal employees recognizing that without them, the company would not be where it is today. Jeff also credits the company’s success to his late father’s foresight and ability to recognize the need to diversify operations. Jeff takes great pride in Pelletier Manufacturing and strives to continue his father’s legacy by continuously seeking new opportunities to keep the company running efficiently.